LGBT Arts Pavilion: SE Corner

Portland Gay Men’s Chorus
Portland Lesbian Choir
Rose City Gay Freedom Band
Bridging Voices QSA Choir
Aurora Chorus
Confluence Willamette Valley LGBT Chorus
Without Apology
Key of Q

Booth & Exhibitor Name
A-01 Pride Collective
A-02 Prides
A-03 Prides
A-04 Prides
A-05 Two Spirit Tipi
A-06 Two Spirit Tipi
G-10 211info
R-03 Adam & Eve
G-01 Adidas
L-03 Alliance for Safer Communities
L-04 Alliance for Safer Communities
L-09 Alliance for Safer Communities
L-10 Alliance for Safer Communities
P-01 Amazon
L-05 American Cancer Society
C-02 American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
R-08 Aquatic Sports
AA Autodesk Pride
BB Autodesk Pride
C-05 B. Young RV
C-06 B. Young RV
C-11 B. Young RV
C-12 B. Young RV
D-08 Babble-on Toastmasters
Q-12 Basic Rights Oregon (BRO)
H-12 Bi Brigade
H-03 Bonneville Power Administration
J-02 Books with Pictures
J-03 Books with Pictures
L-02 Bradley Angle
R-01 Buffalo Exchange
K-05 Cascades AIDS Project
K-06 Cascades AIDS Project
H-04 Cascadia Behavioral Health Care
G-08 Central Lutheran Church
D-10 Central Pacific Conference United Church of Christ
P-05 Clackamas Co
K-07 Clark County, WA
D-12 Comcast
D-04 Comm. Welcoming Congregations
H-07 Daimler
N-01 Deaf Dogs of Portland
L-08 DHS Child Welfare
P-06 Dove Lewis
J-08 Dykes on Bikes
E-04 Eco Best Gutter Shutter NW
C-03 End HIV Oregon / Oregon Health Authority
E-02 Fantasy Adult Video
R-09 Felines First Rescue Sponsored by Jet Set Coffee
R-10 Felines First Rescue Sponsored by Tigard Animal Hospital
C-07 Flying High Again
O-06 Flying High Again
Q-01 Fred Meyer
Q-09 Full Circle
A-08 gc2b
F-04 GLAPn
H-01 GLSEN / The Living Room
L-06 Grafletics
H-05 Green Mountain Energy
R-06 Gutter Helmet by Harry Helmet
K-03 Harvey Milk Street Project (donated by Lewis Builds)
H-09 HelloFresh
O-01 Hip Chicks
O-05 Hip Chicks
CC Human Rights Campaign
DD Human Rights Campaign
J-01 iHeart Media
H-08 Imperfect Produce
B-01 Intel
B-02 Intel
B-03 Intel
B-04 Intel
G-11 Janus Youth
H-10 Jayne B Shea
E-10 Jupiter Hotel
D-07 Kaiser Permanente
G-07 KM Custom Jewelry
O-02 Lasik Plus
M-01 Legacy Health Systems
R-11 Lines for Life, donated by
V-04 LuLaRoe
E-12 Lumberjacks Rugby
D-01 Lyft
R-07 Marjane Ent. Rainbows and Pride
O-04 MCC Portland
R-05 Meals on Wheels People
P-07 Better Crew, State Farm
P-08 Better Crew, State Farm
U-01 Microcosm Publishing
D-11 Mudbay
N-03 Multnomah County
N-04 Multnomah County
N-05 Multnomah County
N-06 Multnomah County
G-06 Multnomah County Democrats
M-06 MXC llc dba It’s in my Heart
B-05 Nike
B-06 Nike
B-07 Nike
B-08 Nike
Q-02 OHSU Partnership Project
U-03 Oregon Bluegrass Association
N-02 Oregon Metro
E-08 Oregon Reproductive Medicine
E-09 Oregon Reproductive Medicine
R-02 Oregon Sports Union
M-07 PABA Village
M-08 PABA Village
M-09 PABA Village
M-10 PABA Village
M-11 PABA Village
K-04 Pelican Trading Company
K-08 Pelican Trading Company
Q-11 Pets on Broadway
D-05 Pin It Designs
V-03 Planned Parenthood of the Columbia-Willamette
Q-10 Portland Children’s Museum
L-07 Portland Guild of Geeks
H-06 Portland Leather Alliance
J-04 Portland Psychic Reader
C-01 PQ Monthly
Q-03 Pride Flags and Costumes
A-07 Q Center, Booth donated by New Seasons
G-03 Queer Wellness
G-04 Queer Wellness
O-08 Quest Center for Integrative Health
M-12 Renewal by Anderson
U-04 Reserved for Tyler / Bar
G-12 Restless Yeti Outspoken Apparel
U-02 Roe Your Own Way Boutique
Q-06 Rose City Softball
J-06 RTI
P-04 Sacred Space
D-06 Shadowbox Farms
Q-05 She-bop the Shop
G-09 SMYRC, donated by Wells Fargo
K-01 SpeecPortland
O-07 Stumptown Kilts
C-08 System Pavers
C-09 The Artsy Aussie: Cherryn’s Art
D-03 The MIcha-el School
L-11 The Satanic Temple Portland
Q-08 Transactive
H-11 Treadway Events
T-01 Tri-met
T-02 Tri-met
T-03 Tri-met
T-04 Tri-met
Q-04 Try Vegan PDX
E-01 U.S. Bank
E-07 U.S. Bank
Q-07 Uber
S-01 underU4men
S-02 underU4men
S-03 underU4men
M-02 Univ of Oregon
M-03 Univ of Oregon
M-04 Univ of Oregon
M-05 Univ of Oregon
H-02 USDA Forest Service
K-02 Vacation Internationale
N-07 Veterans’ Services
N-08 Veterans’ Services
N-09 Veterans’ Services
N-10 Veterans’ Services
D-09 Village Free School
D-02 Walmart
R-04 Washington County Sheriff’s Office
F-01 We the People
F-02 We the People
F-03 We the People