Parade Route:  Parade Route 2018

Parade FAQ:

  1. How do I know where my group is in the Parade?
    1. Find your contingent number in the lineup
    2. Find where your contingent number fits in the map
  2. How do I read the map?
    1. Find your assigned contingent number (Example: 72)
    2. Look at the staging map and find where your number fits (Between X number -> X number)
    3. If the range is 69-75, for instance, you will be in the middle of that block. Because your number is closest to the middle, you will line up in the middle of the block. If your number were 70, you would line up closer to the front. If your number were 74, you would line up closer to the back of the block.
  3. How should I deal with a physical conflict?
    1. DON’T!
    2. Contact Pride Northwest Volunteers, Parade Coordinator or local law enforcement.
  4. How should I deal with a verbal conflict?
    1. DON’T!
    2. Contact Pride Northwest Volunteers, Parade Coordinator or local law enforcement.
  5. What to do if two contingents want to switch places?
    1. As long as it is amicable, there is no real harm done.
    2. Rick needs to be notified about why you’re trading.
    3. Note: Each contingent will have a numbered plaque issued to them.DO NOT switch numbers when you trade places. These numbers are for the announcers to know who the contingent is, so they can read the correct announcement.
  6. What is going to be done about the homeless persons?
    1. Homeless persons will be escorted out of the staging area by Portland Police before setup begins (8 am).
    2. If someone wanders into the staging area and stays or causes problems, Portland Police will deal with them at Rick’s guidance. Simply contact Rick and alert him to the problem.
  7. What is to be done about protestors?
    1. Leave them alone.
    2. As long as they are not physically interfering, let them be. They have a right to voice their opinion the same as we do.
    3. If they do physically interfere, alert Rick immediately. He will have Portland Police handle the situation.
  8. Where do monitors go to sign in?
    1. Meet Rick/Cathán at NW Park Avenue and W Burnside Street around 8 am.
    2. Bridgestone Tires store parking lot
  9. What is appropriate for each contingent to have?
    1. Float
    2. Working vehicles
    3. Walkers/Marchers
    4. Animals (dogs, goats, all on leashes)
    5. Balloons
    6. Love
    7. Respect
    8. Colorful clothing
  10. What is inappropriate for each contingent to have/do?
    1. Weapons of any kind.
    2. Drugs/Alcohol.
    3. Abuse/Disrespect.
    4. Unleashed animals.
    5. Passing out material/candy/flyers/stickers/frizbees.
    6. Bringing spectators in to walk in the parade.
  11. What are the rules of the parade?
    1. Contingent participants must follow all local, state and federal laws, as well as Pride Northwest policies and procedures.
    2. Contingents keep moving in orderly/timely fashion.
    3. No passing-out paraphernalia or items of any kind.
    4. No hanging out of vehicle windows.
    5. No unsafe scenarios.
    6. Follow all Pride representative, Portland Police instructions.
    7. Follow all Portland Police instructions.
    8. No drunkenness/drug use.
    9. No public intoxication.
    10. No Cutting into middle of parade (follow in line).
    11. Be ready by 1030 am to march.
  12. What is the penalty for breaking the rules?
    1. Pride Northwest reserves the right to remove any person/s or unit/s from the Parade staging area and/or Parade that, in Pride Northwest’s opinion is a hindrance to the progress of the Parade, places other participants in danger or violates any regulation of this application. The following steps are not listed in mandatory sequence altho all care will be afforded to work through misunderstandings and mistakes.
    2. Verbal Warning.
    3. Written Warning.
    4. Probationary Status.
    5. Suspension.
    6. Removal from event.
    7. Blacklist.
  13. What is expected of me on the day of the parade?
    1. Arrive on time (8-10 am).
    2. Be prepared to march in the parade.
    3. Check in with Pride Northwest representatives (if you are a Monitor).
    4. Check in with your Monitor.
  14. What is expected of me before Pride?
    1. Know where your contingent is located.
    2. Join your contingent.
    3. Help keep your area clean and clear.
    4. Be ready to march by NO LATER than 10:30 AM.
  15. What is the difference between Pride Northwest and Portland Pride?
    1. Pride Northwest is a 5031c3 Company.
    2. Portland Pride is the spirit of the event weekend, etc.
  16. Where do I go to sign in for the parade?
    1. Several locations clearly marked by Pride Northwest representatives
      1. W Burnside Street & NW Park Avenue.
      2. NW Couch Street between NW Park & NW 8th Avenues.
  17. Who can sign-in the monitors?
    1. Pride Northwest representatives in designated Check-In locations.
  18. How do contingents divide space on the block?
    1. Respectfully!!
    2. A designated distance is given for 5 contingents in each block long area. Because each contingent is of varying shape and size, we leave the individual sharing of equal space up to those contingents in that area. If there is a problem, Rick will address the the problem contingent.
  19. What if the contingent wants to add a vehicle?
    1. The day of the Parade is far too late to add a vehicle. If you change your original registration information, please email with the new information. If a neighboring contingent is trying to add a vehicle, please send them to Rick, and he will discuss it with the contingent in question.
  20. What if the contingent has multiple cars for one allotted space?
    1. All space needs are to be shared respectfully between all contingents in the specific block in question. Larger contingents take up more room, while smaller ones take up less. This needs to be accounted for, and courtesy should be given as needed.
  21. What is the best way to contact anyone during the parade?
    1. You can reach the Parade Coordinator at (360-852-6308)
  22. What am I expected to do during the parade?
    1. Stay with your contingent and Keep Moving. Do not fall behind your contingent.
  23. What do I do after the parade? (immediately)
    1. Move out of the Parade’s End area immediately. Follow instructions of parade staff and volunteers. Park vehicles well out of the parade area. This area gets extremely congested by people and vehicles. Your cooperation is essential to avoid complicating a serious traffic and safety hazard.
  24. What is expected of me after the parade? (hours, days, weeks)
    1. Please think about your experience. Pride Northwest wants to give you the best experience possible. If you have suggestions to make the experience better for everyone, please email with your suggestions.