Thank you for supporting Pride Northwest by coming out to the Portland Pride Parade! Please check back as information for the 2018 parade will be updated as it comes available.

“Parade Lineup” numbers available AFTER JUNE 1.

To determine your line-up location, find your line-up position number on the Staging Area map:

Motorcycle Rules:

“”Due to City of Portland ordinance, no motorcycle rider shall rev their motor, circle, ride figure eights, wheelie, or any other “hot-rodding” behavior. All motorcycles shall proceed along designated parade routes in a “traffic-like manner”.  Pride Northwest reserves the right to determine and limit the use of motorcycles in the parade. Helmets are not required DURING the parade, but all city and state laws are required before and after the parade.

Basically, ride like you are on a normal street, wear your helmet before and after, and no “revving” of motors.

Please remember:

Contingents should check in with the Pride Northwest Parade coordinators at 8:00 am. ALL vehicles in the parade must be in place by 10:15. Vehicles not in place by that time will not be allowed to participate. Marchers should be in place by 10:30 and the parade steps off at 11:00 SHARP!
**If you must drive, please be aware that any vehicles parked on the street will be removed from the staging area (as will all autos and within a two-block radius). We highly encourage everyone to take public transit or other transportation!
If you have any questions or concerns about the day-of process, please email our Parade Coordinator at


Written consent from Pride Northwest is required PRIOR to registration, for any exotic animals a group plans to include in their contingent. Groups may be asked to provide proof of insurance and other information.
*For the purposes of Pride Northwest, Inc. an exotic animal is defined as any animal other than cats and dogs.  ALL animals must be leashed at all times.
The Parade FAQ is also available:
Thank you and Happy Pride!